Emiko Pablant

Hi it’s very nice to meet you, my name is Emiko and I am a new yoga instructor teaching in English at BewusstSein & Leben. First, let me introduce my style of yoga, “Big Hug Yoga”, and my goal as an instructor.

The style of Big Hug Yoga is founded on Vinyasa yoga which is based Hatha (the origin of yoga). My focus is to engage students in Asana, which incorporates both breathing and poses. Along with Asana, I teach additional breathing exercises, meditation, and mantras. I will tailor my instruction to your specific needs, which includes your lifestyle, and anything else that we discuss together that you would like to work on (mind or/and body).

In order to be healthy and happy, it is important that your nervous system and body are in balance. Through including exercises of both meditation and deep breathing in my classes I aim to restore your this balance, and also to teach you easy methods you can do to maintain it on your own. Overall my goal is to help you have/gain self awareness, self confidence, and also to find happiness from within.

The origin of the name “Big Hug Yoga” comes from my desire to “Teach from the heart’. This means in each of my classes I want to help recreate (from within yourself) that feeling of warmth in your heart after receiving a big and energetic hug. My goal is to instill a sense of happiness which is felt through sharing positive energy that is generated through people and yoga.

Second, I would like to share my personal experience with yoga. I began practicing Yoga 10 years ago. Even after the first try, I felt an increased sense of internal happiness and joy. I was amazed how relaxed and fulfilled I felt after each class I took when compared with other methods of relaxation. During these classes I dedicated my time and energy to focus on breathing, meditation and stretching my entire body at the same time. The more busy I got in my life, the more Yoga helped me. It has now become a big part of my life which enables me to maintain mind-body balance. Overall through Yoga, I have experienced an increase in positive energy, internal happiness, and physical strength and balance.

I wanted to become a yoga instructor to enable me to share these benefits to new students as well as experienced yogis. I went to Hawaii to get trained to teach yoga after which I was certified as a yoga instructor by Yoga Alliance. It was not easy for me due to the required amount of self-discipline, as well as the intense spiritual growth that I went through during the training. I had a chance to face myself very deeply allowing me to increase my self awareness. I had a great time, and I appreciated the enormous amount of time that I was given to practice meditation and exercises. After getting certified, I started teaching in New Jersey, USA, but my husband and I moved to Germany and now I would like to share my energy and knowledge with you!

Wherever I am, I would love to continue to teach from the heart; that is why I invite you to join ‘Big Hug Yoga’.

Thank you for reading.

For more information please visit my Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/bighugyoga/) 

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