Big Hug Yoga - Intermediate Hatha Yoga (English class)

The style of Big Hug Yoga is founded on Vinyasa yoga which is based Hatha (the origin of yoga). My focus is to engage students in Asana, which incorporates both breathing and poses. Along with Asana, I teach additional breathing exercises, meditation and mantras. I will tailor my instruction to your specific needs, which includes your lifestyle, and anything else that we discuss together that you would like to work on (mind or/and body).

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Teacher: Emiko Pablant


January 28th until April 4th

Time: every Thursday at 8.15 pm till 9.45 pm

Price: 8 € for students

         12 € for adults

You can register for the lesson with Emiko by email: emiko.pablant(at)

Termine nach Vereinbarung telefonisch unter 0174.78 06 838 oder per E-Mail unter angelaburgdorf(at)

Termine nach Vereinbarung telefonisch unter 0159 03017493 oder per Email harbich.regina(at)

Kinderyoga mit Anke

Neuer Kursbeginn: 05.04.2019 - 8x freitags von 15 bis 16 Uhr - 90 € 

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